Announcements and Job Openings

This page contains administrative announcements by ISOC staff, including upcoming meetings and job openings.


Current Job Openings:

  • Assistant Religious Director – Islamic Society of Orange County
  • Substitute Teacher – Orange Crescent School
  • Youth Coordinator – Islamic Society of Orange County
  • Quranic Studies Teacher – Insight Academy (formerly Islamic Weekend School)

Scroll below to see detailed descriptions and application procedures for each job opening.

Assistant Religious Director – Islamic Society of Orange County

Work Location: Islamic Society of Orange County, Garden Grove, CA
Work Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm and weekends as needed
Compensation: Very competitive compensation packet with benefits and paid time off.


The Assistant Religious Director of ISOC will execute the religious and spiritual direction, guidance and promotion of the ISOC goals and mission within the intra-faith and inter-faith community. The Assistant Religious Director will work with Religious Director, Dr. Siddiqi as an advisor in building a solid Islamic foundation for spirituality, youth leadership, out-reach and community development.


RELIGIOUS (25% of time):

  • Supports the religious programming and activities of the Islamic Society of Orange County.
  • Leads some congregational prayers, performs weddings and Friday Khutbas as required.
  • Supports programming during the month of Ramadan and other important days of Islamic calendar as   required.


  • Works on the development and deployment of regular and consistent community service projects with dedicated volunteers.
  • Participates in the community activities that further improve interfaith and public relations for Islam and Muslims.
  • Offers resources, guidance and counseling to families and youth as needed.

EDUCATIONAL (15% of time):

  • Assists the Programs Committee in the development and implementation of programs for youth and adults.
  • Collaborates with teachers and group leaders to provide support as needed (speaking, developing a curriculum, supervising trips, etc.).

YOUNG MUSLIMS (15% of time):

  • Works with the Youth Group Committee to develop programming and provide support to engage and service the needs of the Youth Group.
  • Supports lectures at MSA’s, or local high schools and colleges, in addition to on site programming.
  • Provide leadership and support to Youth Coordinator

ADMINISTRATIVE (15% of time):

  • Adheres to the Bylaws of the Islamic Society of Orange County, and the policies and procedures outlined in ISOC Employee Handbook.
  • Carries out any other administrative responsibilities as determined by the Religious Director.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT (5% of time):

  • Attends educational seminars, meetings, conferences, workshops, lectures or training as approved by the ISOC Board.
  • Spends personal time for additional self-development outside of work to demonstrate desire to advance the work at ISOC through research and producing materials for the community.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies, Shari’ah, or Islamic Jurisprudence or related field from a recognized educational institution
  • Demonstrated 2 plus years of experience in religious leadership and/or as an Imam
  • Basic knowledge of counseling and therapy acquired through formal education
  • Good knowledge of Quran and tajweed. Memorization of the Quran preferred
  • Ability to teach and lead classrooms.
  • Strong English, Arabic, conversational Spanish (preferred) and public speaking skills
  • Knowledge of social media and proficiency in MS Office
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in counseling required.
  • Basic knowledge and experience in management
  • Ability to interact with youth, diverse community and people of other faiths
  • Ability to spend 30+ hours per week on ISOC campus

How to Apply: Email resume to

Deadline:  Open until position filled

Substitute Teacher – Orange Crescent Montessori Preschool and Upper Grades

Work Location: Orange Crescent School, Garden Grove, CA
Work Hours: On call as needed between Monday – Friday, 7:30-am – 3:30 pm
Compensation: Competitive compensation


Performs duties of a teacher or teacher assistant to provide continuity of day-to-day responsibilities with students during the absence of the regular teacher or teacher assistant. Assignment may be in Toddler, Preschool or Pre-K classrooms, or Elementary and Middle school classrooms, depending upon need.


  • Maintains quality interaction with the children to promote critical thinking and active learning.
  • Provides instruction, as needed, according to plans as prepared by the regular classroom teacher and manages or helps to manage as the case may require, classroom behavior and environment.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the appropriate supervisor or administrator
  • Uses appropriate judgment to act in the best interests of students at all times
  • Maintains daily classroom routine
  • Adheres to Orange Crescent School’s policies and procedures

Preschool Qualifications:

  • 6 Early Childhood Education Units
  • Livescan Background Clearance
  • AA or BA Degree in Child Development Preferred
  • First Aid and CPR certifications
  • 1+ years in Preschool/Pre-K as a teacher or Teaching Assistant Preferred
  • Physical ability to lift 30 lbs.

Upper Grades Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies/Arts, Child Development, or other education related major.
  • A professional preliminary or clear multiple-subject teaching credential or equivalent
  • One to two years of teaching experience preferred
  • CPR certified

How to Apply: Email resume to

Deadline: Open until position filled

Youth Coordinator – Islamic Society of Orange County

Work Location: Islamic Society of Orange County, Garden Grove, CA
Work Hours: 20 hrs/week, Fridays 8 hrs & 12 hrs on weekends & weekdays
Compensation:  Depending on experience


Youth Coordinator provides development, coordination and oversight of youth services, and builds a positive youth program. He or she must integrate recreational and artistic activities with educational and spiritual components and provide leadership to youth, including but not limited to tutoring and mentorship programs, community service, education and cultural programs.


  • Create an annual and monthly activities calendar
  • Develop balance of spiritual, educational and fun activities
  • Secure and maintain space for activities and discussions on and offsite
  • Ensure weekly youth programs are effective for all age groups
  • Utilize social media to announce activities and to invite youth
  • Develop volunteer schedules and assignments to help them carry out their specific duties and responsibilities
  • Establish your feedback/evaluation process per activity
  • Work with the high schools & College Youth Coordinators to ensure that the HS & College MSA clubs are receiving adequate assistance in planning and executing their own programs


  • One to two years of experience coordinating youth activities with a large scale of youth
  • Must demonstrate project management skills
  • Must possess the ability to work directly with middle, high school and college students
  • Must be present at all major community programs
  • Excel under expectations of high performance and continual improvement
  • Ability to motivate and inspire youth

How to Apply: Email resume to

Deadline: Open until position filled

Quranic Studies Teacher – Insight Academy (formerly Islamic Weekend School)

Work Location: Islamic Society of Orange County, Garden Grove, CA
Compensation: Depending on experience


Insight Academy, previously Islamic Weekend School, is an innovative, unique educational and social institution committed to building well-rounded Muslims. We are seeking Qur’anic Studies teachers to complete our faculty for the upcoming school year. The teacher is the role model and mentor of children and should aim to lead students to discover the beauty of Islam and Qur’an, with the intent of applying knowledge into beneficial actions.



Engage students by using a variety of teaching strategies and methods • Teach subject material using approved curriculum and lesson plans • Prepare lesson plans in a thorough manner before class • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the age level you teach • Attend regular professional development seminars and staff trainings • Regularly attend a pre-approved Islamic education course • Maintain consistent communication with students, parents, and staff • Maintain professionalism in all interactions with students, parents, and staff



Knowledge of tajweed and accurate Qur’anic recitation • Teaching experience preferred • Exemplify strong Islamic character and possess sound knowledge of Islam • Fluency in verbal and written communication in English • Excel under expectations of high performance and continual improvement • Possess exceptional critical and creative thinking skills • Ability to motivate and inspire students • Team-oriented • Willingness to try new instructional approaches • Appreciate constructive criticism and opportunities to improve

How to Apply: Email resume to

Deadline: Open until position filled




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